Kiln Hire

We have a Hobby Ceramicraft Studio 1 top loading kiln on our premises which is available to hire.

The inside of our kiln, part loaded

Our service users use the kiln to to create decorated crockery which they either keep to use, or we use in our kitchen or sell at fundraising events. We also have a range of bisque for them to chose from to make gifts and pieces for themselves. We also do some clay work and fire it in the kiln.

The kiln can be rented in firing slots for pieces created by local potters.

The kiln measures 44.45cm (17½”) x 56.4cm (22¼”), holding 3.30 cu foot (94 litres) and has a maximum temperature of 1160°C.


Full kiln firing:

  • £20 for you to load and unload during staffed hours.
  • £30 for you load and unload during unstaffed hours.

We can also fire individual items in a community firing with prices dependent on the item size and there being a planned firing. However, we can not be held responsible for damage caused in the firing or damage caused by the work placed next to your work. If you are concerned about firing with other works we recommend booking the full kiln option.

If you want to discuss hiring the kiln please contact us.