Supporting us

From putting a penny in a collecting tin, to major grants, we are so very grateful to everyone who supports RAB’s work. We could not operate without you. Thank you!

A fundraiser wearing a RAB runnning vest standing next to a banner with the RAB logo on

Our Outreach team makes thousands of contacts per year, we run hundreds of activities and our minibuses are operated with no charge to our users.  These things only happen with the assistance of the Reading community and the kindness of our benefactors.

As an individual it can often feel difficult to help or support but it can be as easy as organising an event with family and friends, taking part in a challenge, donating an hour of your pay, or even just learning a little more about how sight loss affects people.

From grant making trusts to our corporate supporters, community education and fundraising, to inviting us into your schools, volunteering and raising money through donations and sponsorship, there are so many ways to get involved with RAB and support our work. Get in touch!