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SecureCloud+ help drive RABs technical refresh

Reading IT company SecureCloud+ provides new IT equipment for RAB staff during pandemic

Lucian and Drew from SecureClouds+ with Dan. There is a table with 6 laptops in front of them

Lucian and Drew from SecureCloud+ and RAB IT volunteer Dan standing behind a table with six laptops on it.

Even small charities like ours have surprisingly complex technical needs. The pandemic shone a light on some of the problems we were having with our older computers running expiring software versions. They also weren’t capable of efficiently running the technology that so many people have relied on to keep in contact during the lockdowns.

We had been aware of these problems before but Covid really showed us how much of a problem we had and SecureCloud+; the same company that provided those wonderful care packages you received in the summer, have really helped us out here. As a company, they specialise in providing fast and secure IT services to Defence and other Public Sector services so they were able to very quickly and easily assess our needs.

SecureCloud+ then worked with RAB volunteer Dan to provide us with 6 new or refurbished laptops running up to date software; and updated the memory on two of our existing computers. These were then rolled out to replace the existing laptops in October.

This is a huge upgrade for RAB as it allows us to easily use modern collaboration tools, such as Microsoft Teams – which has been the engine behind the virtual offerings we’ve been running while the hall is closed. Being able to use new tools should have huge benefits for us all well into the future making the way we work more efficient and easier for us to communicate with each other.

We’d like to thank SecureCloud+ for the time and effort that they’ve put into this as it has really helped us to keep RAB running and make our technical operations much more secure.

Marion Haynes, community liaison and trust fundraiser at RAB, said:

“It has been such a rewarding experience to have the support of local company SecureCloud+ to help the charity improve its laptops and software.”

“We were delighted to have these all installed recently by Drew and Lucian from the SecureCloud+ team.”

“Together with Dan Knowles, volunteer at RAB, they have worked with the staff to make sure we are all working immediately.”

She added:

“The new laptops and software will certainly make our IT work far quicker and efficiently for our service users suffering from sight loss.”

“SecureCloud+ ongoing support during this time of heightened restrictions for our service users has certainly given them a fabulous boost to their well-being.”

And SecureCloud+ said it was delighted to help. Its founder, Peter Williamson, said,

‘‘Providing our expertise to local organisations such as Reading Association for the Blind enables us to achieve one of our core focuses in helping the community.”

“We look forward to seeing the charity grow and advance their systems which will make their daily duties easier.’’

About SecureCloud+

SecureCloud+ is a trusted provider of secure communication and collaboration services for Defence and Government. Users are given access to their networks, resources and applications using secure solutions delivered as an end-to-end managed service.

The company is based in Reading and has an engineering facility in Stoke on Trent. SecureCloud+ now support Reading Association for the Blind by providing IT equipment to assist them with their daily duties. They also continue their outreach support to SSAFA Reading, by volunteering for classroom sessions.